Hydro Wave

We often talk about a day in the future when we will be able to take a magic concoction that will send an army of Nano-Warriors into the bloodstream to seek and destroy malignant tumors as well as diseased cells of all types.

That day is today! Yes, that day has arrived. The product already exists wherein “Nano-Warriors” perform a search and destroy mission within our bodies. The killer Nano-Warriors cells not only rout out cancer cells but all pathogenic material in the cellular neighborhoods of the toxic materials. The product that delivers this promise is called Hydro Wave.

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LubriSyn Human

Age and exercise can break down synovial fluid – the naturally occurring fluid that cushions and protects every joint in the body – leading to bone­-on-­bone friction and inflammation. The resulting pain can impact athletic performances and interfere with daily activities.

LubriSynHA is an all ­natural Hyaluronan (HA) supplement that is easily absorbed to help replenish synovial fluid and lubricate aching joints. Now golfers, marathoners, horseback riders or anyone who experiences joint pain in their daily lives can take advantage of this liquid oral supplement to feel better.

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LubriSyn for Horses & Pets

As synovial fluid breaks down with age and activity, their joints can become sore and stiff. And this can have a big impact on performance, especially for racehorses. But regular joint injections are expensive for owners and stressful for horses. Now there’s an all-natural option for joint relief that is easily absorbed into a horse’s body.

LubriSynHA is a liquid oral joint supplement made of hyaluronan (HA), a naturally occurring part of synovial fluid that lubricates aching joints. This patented product can provide relief for horses of any age, breed or lifestyle.

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C60live Single Bottle

World’s most efficient known free radical scavenger is C60 fullerene.

  • C60 fullerenes possess a large amount of conjugated double bonds and low lying lowest unoccupied molecular orbital which can easily take up an electron from an attack of an oxygen radical.
  • 34 oxygen radicals have been added onto a single C60 molecule. The fullerene can react with many superoxides without being consumed.
  • C60 fullerene derivatives are rapidly absorbed by tissues and excreted through urinary tract; low to no toxicity in vitro and in vivo in studies.
  • C60 fullerene is able to cross the blood-brain barrier.
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5 Bottle Bundle C60live

What if you could increase the quality of life, think clearer, feel better and recover confidence lost with age…

By combining Ultra Pure C-60, a carbon molecule comprised of 60 carbon atoms, using a proprietary process to bond with the antioxidative power of pure, 100% organic extra virgin olive oil, we’ve created a life altering product that is changing the way we think about health and longevity. C60live is being tested in a wide range of applications and academic disciplines, from improving cognitive functioning, increasing stamina to even the reduction of wrinkles and acne.

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