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Magna Wave Equine Wings


The Magna Wave Equine Wings work with the MAXX, MAIA, PULSE PRO and SEMI PEMF Machines, The Wings cut down treatment times and cover large areas. With a 12 ft lead and LARGE 18 in loop, or EXTRA LARGE 24 inch loop you can choose the size that fits your needs while checking out. No Hot Spots, Consistent treatment strength on both sides to surround the body abd give the ultimate full body treatment.

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The Equine Wings work with the Maxx, Maia, Pulse Pro and Semi machines. The wings are  perfect for cutting treatment times on large animals. Available in two sizes LARGE with a 12 ft tail and 18 inch Loop diameter; EXTRA LARGE – 24in loop diameter and 12ft tail.Choose your size when checking out.


Large (18 in.) 12ft Lead, XL (24 in.) 12ft Lead, Large 6ft Lead Twist, XL 6ft Lead Twist


1 Plug Digital, 2 Plug, Twist Plug