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What Supplement Helps Bursa and Coffin Joint Problems?

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What Supplement Helps Bursa and Coffin Joint Problems?

What Supplement Helps Bursa and Coffin Joint Problems?

Is there any supplement, that when paired with Magna Wave therapy, will help bursa and coffin joint problems?

A great supplement that would be beneficial to the horse’s overall health in their feet and joints would be LubriSynHA. LubriSynHA will help bursa and coffin joint problems. LubriSynHA is excellent for lubrication of the area, and overall synovial fluid amounts in the body. Synovial fluid or HA hyaluronic acid is very critical to every cell and it’s found throughout the body.

LubriSynHA and Magna Wave PEMF therapy are also both good stand-alone options. LubriSynHA is very effective for joint issues, and will help bursa and coffin joint problems, while Magnawaving helps with the oxygenation to relieve inflammation, better allowing the body to heal itself.

Magna Wave and LubriSynHA Supplement

Pairing Magnawaving with supplements, such as LubriSynHA (although it works well with others too), is very beneficial as a complimentary modality. LubriSynHA aids in lubricating the joints and will help bursa and coffin joint problems. Meanwhile, the oxygenation created by Magnawaving would help take the inflammation out of the bursa and the soft tissue; making it more comfortable and less painful. Pairing Magna Wave PEMF and LubriSynHA together, you also get the compound benefits of a higher rate of supplement absorption via better oxygenated blood.

Bursa and Coffin Joint Problems

The big issue when you’re dealing with navicular in the horse’s foot, or the soft tissue, the bursa, is that sometimes with navicular you have actual degradation or breakdown on the bone. This causes the pain and inflammation. You can help alleviate that by relieving some of the inflammation, but if there’s degradation going on and chips and things like that, it’s going to come back. This is because it’s an anatomical situation. You have to deal with an underlying cause to get any ongoing benefits. The same is true before Magnawaving and LubriSynHA will help with bursa and coffin joint problems. However, if it is just an inflammation of the bursa, which can happen, you can do many things to relieve that inflammation. Magnawaving is very beneficial to help that situation and relieve such inflammation in those areas.

Internal Hoof Structure
Pairing Magnawaving with supplements, such as LubriSynHA is very beneficial as a complimentary modality.

How Do Supplements Work With Magna Wave PEMF? What About Complementary Therapies?

Absolutely, yes, laser therapy can be used with Magna Wave. Can you use an ultrasound with Magna Wave? The answer again is yes. And yes, you can pair supplements with Magna Wave, like the example we gave earlier with LubriSynHA and Magnawaving, the duo will help bursa and coffin joint problems. Complementary therapies are used a lot in any type of therapy, whether it’s for people, small animals, large animals, whatever the case. Complementary methods are often the key to making things work, and to facilitate the healing we’re looking for.

What is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy?

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy basically puts a signal into the body that penetrates the blood cell and makes the cell wall more permeable; allowing for better oxygenation, which leads to inflammation reduction and also at that point, pain relief.

Can You Use Magna Wave If There is Metal in the Body?

Yes. If someone has metal in the body they could still receive Magna Wave treatments. We always recommend that you put the device on the area where they have it, run it at a very moderate setting and make sure they’re comfortable.

Magna Wave does not have a magnetic pull. It’s not like a static Magnet. It’s a magnetic field, not a drawing magnet, so it’s not going to move any implant. It’s not going to unscrew anything. You always want to be comfortable and make sure that people are all right with what’s going on. But typically, metal implant screws, rods, and plates do not cause an issue when using this type of device.

I Have a Horse Whose Coffin Bone is Basically Gone. Is There Anything I Can Do To Help?

In a condition like that, of course you want to start with the veterinarian and the farrier who may be able to help support the foot with shoeing; as long as, it’s a condition that can be helped. This again, is a veterinary decision. You can certainly provide relief to the area with Magna Wave, understanding that you’re not going to regenerate anything.

Magnawaving and LubriSynHA will help with bursa and coffin joint problems.

Has Anyone Treated a Horse With Tetanus That Has Survived? What’s The Protocol?

Magna Wave PEMF doesn’t treat specific conditions. Magnawaving treat’s the body, to allow the body to be in a position to heal itself. So, if the veterinarian has a medication that’s being used to help control tetanus, the protocol would be overall body treatments to help the oxygenation of the whole body.

I treated a horse yesterday that is usually a level three on the Maia. This time she was antsy when I was treating. I decided to increase the intensity to see what would happen. Muscle movement was huge, but she settled right down. Is this common?

Certainly, the Magna Wave machine used on muscle areas will (especially if there’s stress) show muscle movement. That’s one of the ways that you gauge stress. When you find movement that’s showing you there is some stress in the area the machine is working to help the body relieve. So, yes, it’s common.

Her settling down was her way of telling you, “Ah, you hit the spot.” A person can tell you, “I’m comfortable.” But a horse, or a cat, or a dog, when they’re satisfied they’ll get up and leave. Or if you give them more energy than they’re comfortable with they don’t let you do it. They’re going to get up and leave. So, her reaction was, as you turned it up a little bit, Magnawaving deeper, it was getting to the place where the horse was saying, “Thank you for coming there.”

With horses, look at the eye if you’re not sure. Go up and look at the eye of the horse. Is the horse very calm? Is their head drooping? If you turn it up too high the horses gonna look at you like, “That’s a little much.” Or they’ll walk or move away. Be aware that the reaction that you see is not necessarily the reaction that’s being received with comfort.

I’m Feeling Limited with My Semi. How Do I Move Up to a Higher-Powered Machine?

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