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These are the real stories from MagnaWave practitioners and users from around the world! Their wellness journey is why MagnaWave exists and the reason we want to help spread the power of PEMF.

"I love MagnaWave because I know that animals don’t lie and they truly feel better after treatments. It has been incredible to witness the mini miracles and transformations of the animals I have been blessed to help.

Miss Marley has finished week 8 of 12 for her ACL tear. When she went in for her check up with the vet, she got a good report and they were impressed with how well she was doing and getting around!!! Marley is always excited to..."

Pampered Pony-PEMF Therapy
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"Jake was the first one to use my MagnaWave machine. He would see the machine and immediately go get in his spot for a session. HE ABSOLUTELY LOVED his MagnaWave sessions and would take a 2 hr nap after each time.
Unfortunately, Jake passed away yesterday after complications from a surgery. Thank you MagnaWave for helping Jake with his hip dysplasia and severe arthritis!! He loved you."

Karen Ainsworth
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"After trying the MagnaWave with Pet-Wave the first time a few weeks ago this dog’s mom noticed he was going up the stairs easier right away. He had his second PEMF session and Willie’s mom says “He is doing the big set of stairs great….he’s bouncing around for his treats after he goes outside. Anna, the adorable kitty in the photo is still doing very well on her maintenance schedule of treatment for her arthritis too!"

Fran Blank/Pet Wave
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“The best part about being a MagnaWave Certified practitioner is having the ability to help people with anything they may be suffering from. I have only been a certified practitioner for a few months but I have changed more lives than I thought could be possible."

Teresa Durheim
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"From the training to the staff, it’s comforting to know they are behind all of us. I’ve had so many great results, from my groups of horses, a friend with the range of motion in his knees, from 30% to 95%."

Mary Lotter Heath
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“These x-rays are my 11-year-old dog. I’ve been MagnaWaving her 1-3 times a week since I bought my Semi 3 years ago. She is still running and playing. Going up and down stairs. Very happy and active. She’s on a joint supplement but no pain meds. When the vet looked at the X-ray she said this dog shouldn’t even be able to walk. Of course, she dismissed the MagnaWave saying that probably won’t hurt. I told her no that’s why she can still walk.”

Jenifer Keslinger RT (R)
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"Between Hydro Wave & MagnaWave, she healed without the use of any antibiotics or medication."

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"I have a 13 yr old small breed dog (Yorkie) that we were going to put down and couldn’t. Her problem was arthritic pain and yelped with any movement…Been giving her a dropper full every day or two. In 14 days her yelping stopped and she is actually wagging her tail and moving about on her own."

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"This sweet girl is Tarra. She had an emergency this past weekend and wasn’t able to walk or stand unassisted. She is a Harbor Animal Hospital patient and her parents brought her for care right away.

She tried MagnaWave with Pet-Wave and after two sessions is showing improvement. After her second MagnaWave session we happily watched her walk across the yard on her own to go potty!"

Tarra’s Recovery
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"This handsome boy is Sieger. His body has a strong response to PEMF. He is quite young but has terrible allergies and constant itchy skin. He also has had one episode of limping. I called to ask Pat if he had any tips on treatment approaches. He thought doing treatments where his muscles “pulse” could help the systemic inflammation his body must be having."

Sieger and Allergies
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