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These are the real stories from MagnaWave practitioners and users from around the world! Their wellness journey is why MagnaWave exists and the reason we want to help spread the power of PEMF.

"Kuzy had been favoring her left hind leg for a couple weeks, with a more noticeable limp a few days before her MagnaWave session. She was suspicious at first - we had to hold on to her to get the coil near her leg. Then she stood there without being held, intermittently closing her eyes. After about 5 minutes, she did a BIG downward dog stretch and laid down. The next day- no limping!!! She has been sound ever since. This may be a representation

Shady Grove MagnaWave
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"This little guy was having complications from surgery and was in bad shape. He was a completely different guinea pig after his session, pain was reduced and he was back to normal."

Christine Lyngarkos
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"I was MagnaWaving an old Jack Russel with mobility issues and was having difficulty navigating stairs. After one session she was able to get up and down the stairs on her own. I did once a week sessions for a month then went to a maintenance as needed schedule. MagnaWave definitely put some spring back in her step!

Stacey Perry
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"I am currently in the middle of MagnaWaving a small shitzu who was diagnosed with arthritis and hip dysplasia and she went right up the steps when she got home and hadn't climbed them by herself in a couple of weeks."

Beverly Walsh
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"Also had a paralyzed Dachshund and in one session he got up and went up a grad staircase, looked at the owner and I like "look!!!" And slowly walked down and went about his business."

Bridget Nelson
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"I am now working on one of my own dogs right now. She had puppies, 2 days later lethargic and high fever. I thought it was retained placenta. I took her to the vet where she stayed for 3 days. The vet didn't think from the x-ray that it was retained. Brought her home with still a fever. And no diagnosis. I did PEMF that evening and she immediately passed the placenta. Took her back to the vet next day and told them and re-assessed..."

Donna Thompson
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"I spoke with Dr Marty 6 years ago when my 2 year old Akita blew out her CCL and I hoped to help her heal with MagnaWave PEMF. He and Pat Ziemer were incredibly encouraging, but I was a new practitioner and needed that encouragement. Fast forward to 2020 my dog is almost 9 and able to run and play and live a totally normal life! She is also my test dog, as when she blew out her second leg while not completely healed from the first, I opted..."

Lee Doran Thornton
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"Miss Asteria hasn’t been feeling herself lately. Her mama says she has a lot of anxiety and won’t eat. Hard to tell there was an anxious bone in her body once the session was in full swing. Asteria went from heavy breathing and being unsure to snoozing on her mamas lap.  I’d call that a win for the day!

Update: Asteria ate her dinner the night she had A session AND has been acting much more herself!‼️"

Wave Solutions, LLC
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"MagnaWave saved my Rottweilers life! His foot gave out and in one day, 4 ten minutes sessions and the next day he was running!!!! I stand behind this amazing company and the endless help they provide. Thank you a million times!!!"

Mary Conway
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