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These are the real stories from MagnaWave practitioners and users from around the world! Their wellness journey is why MagnaWave exists and the reason we want to help spread the power of PEMF.

As soon as I could I gave myself a MagnaWave session with the Maia. I was in a lot of discomfort so when I got home I gave myself 2 sessions a day. By the fourth day I was up and about visiting my horses. I was also experiencing vertigo. I would MagnaWave my head and neck for 20 minutes. By day 6 I was starting to feel like myself again but still had vertigo. On day 7 my stitches were removed and I had a doctor check up. The doctor was..."

Michelle Pipke
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"I worked with a woman who was incontinent of bowel and bladder. Had multiple surgeries which left her with incredible pain and had to cath herself in order to urinate. After 3-4 months of treatment, she was able to sleep in a bed instead of a chair and was moving her bowels and bladder on her own! No more incontinence or catheters!!" 

Anne Stolberg
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"My quickest success story was treating a retired farrier who had just survived an accident where he had been run over by a truck while sitting at a stop light on his motorcycle. On his second session he was telling me how much better his neck felt from the first session and explaining the he could touch his face with his left hand but not with his right. The whole time he was demonstrating it to me. When he touched his chin with his right..."

Beverly Walsh
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"More than once I have thought about giving up! So many reasons.. mainly I am out of my element with selling/marketing, also, I can only work part time! However, I believe in Alane, PEMF, MagnaWave, and dang it everytime I go to quit someone or an animal comes limping by and out I go! My business stays slow, but alive...lol! I love helping those that hurt! Thank you, Alane for not giving up on me!"

Tracy Walker-Bush | MagnaWave Certified Practitioner
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"I love this company! They are not just about selling machines. MagnaWave really cares about all the practitioners and how well were are doing."

Hazel Reed
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"My business was stagnant until MagnaCon - it was amazing how much I learned and how much my biz took off after I put all of that knowledge to use!"

Kate Baccus
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"I use Hydro Wave daily for overall health. Our daughter's use it daily during track and cross country seasons as it appears to help improve their recovery times. My husband will be heading back into work next week so he has started taking it daily, also. I have also used it on scrapes and abrasions. I call it the miracle in a bottle!"

Julie Rector
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"You have to try this to feel what it does and reap the benefits from using PEMF. MagnaWave is truly top of the line and this company is magnificent to work with. Get in touch with them, you'll be as impressed as I am when you do."

Sandy Travis
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"MagnaWave has been wonderful for me. I’ve been through 3 failed back surgeries that has caused constant pain for over a decade. I’ve also dealt with pain from a torn rotator cuff that happened over 20 years ago. I’ve tried everything from acupuncture and a tens unit to physical therapy to rid myself of the pain. I won’t get into the fight I had with opiates. The MagnaWave therapy gave me instant pain relief. The staff has been wonderful with..."

Charles Scott
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