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These are the real stories from MagnaWave practitioners and users from around the world! Their wellness journey is why MagnaWave exists and the reason we want to help spread the power of PEMF.

"This particular horse -Dude- has had off and on lameness in his right front. Been to the vet, time off, injected, etc. He came in this past Friday for a full body session. We did his hooves on a much higher PEMF setting than normal. Serena wanted us to Laser his hoof as well, -Mr4ActivetPro laser- she said he felt better Saturday and Sunday she sent this photo..."

Next Level Equine Therapy
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"I love MagnaWave for everything it has done for my personal competition horse. Since adding routine PEMF to our routine, I have seen her flourish and really feel that we are on the top of our game. She recovers faster from hard workouts or long weekends of showing, which is huge. She also feels better and because she isn’t sore or hurting, she is able to use her body better which is giving us excellent report cards from the trainer..."

Pampered Pony-PEMF Therapy
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"First time treating a horse with a large laceration. The owner called me to see if I could help since she was not able to afford a vet. We started MW the first night she discovered the wound, which was about a day old. We MW 3x the first week - full body 1st day then spot treatment the other 2. After the 1st week we treated 2x a week - spot treating with an occasional full body treatment in between.

Owner is VERY pleased with the results!!!!!"

Kelly L
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I received this wonderful update from Devin the Trainer of Stonebrook Farm this evening about how her horse is improving with PEMF Therapy but also how it's helped her put together a new training program with her horse Libby. ?

"I am so proud and impressed with Libby today and I have to thank you so much for everything you’ve helped us with!

A couple weeks ago I was feeling pretty defeated and didn’t have the happy horse I was used to riding..

Karen Witham
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"Another great appointment with Ashley Williams and her Sport Horse Wellness MagnaWave session!! I have amazing news to share… if there are any horse owners out there that are dealing with the dreaded sarcoids (skin cancer that presents as warts, more often seen in gray horses, that continue to grow out of control over time), this could potentially be the miracle cure. Today was my main- man show jumper, Corenn’s, 5th treatment in 6 weeks. . ."

Stephanie Veloff Histed
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"I was having problems with my cutting horse's hips tightening up and coming out all the time. She would then get sore in her hind quarters and it was time after time I was rebooking with a chiropractor. I had seen equine enthusiasts using PEMF and there was a MagnaWave practitioner coming traveling to my area. I figured I would give it a shot and have my horse treated to see if I noticed any difference. . ."

Cali Brandt
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"One of my race horses pulled a muscle in his shoulder just days before he was to run, too close to the race to treat him with medication, we had Madison use MagnaWave on him. The very next day he was sound and even feeling better than before the injury! Seriously works!"

Sarah O’brien
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"I have been training Arabian show horses for 25 years and the MagnaWave has become an integral part of my program.  Jody Murray and her professional horse training experience along with her expertise with the MagnaWave are a huge asset to my program.  Since adding MagnaWave I found I diagnose lameness quicker, have better feeling and therefore better performing happy horses.”

Kat Stevens/Owner/Trainer/Moon Shadow Performance Horses
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