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Severely foundered mare at Vet’s office

Severely foundered mare at Vet’s office. Before Magna Wave, she would lay down 90% of the time and had stopped eating. She was 90% non weight bearing on both front…

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I Ended Up With Two New Clients

I had heard many testimonials about Magna Wave and PEMF but being a brand new practitioner I hadn’t used my machine for very long before I did my first health…

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Magna Wave PEMF Helping Arthritis

This sweet mare is in her 20s. She has been on Butte daily for quite sometime now.  She has not been able to lay down due to arthritis. My friend…

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Calming Affects

22yr retired race/barrel horse falling asleep on his 1st treatment. Even the cat seemed relaxed. – Karen Ainsworth/ HK Ranch LLC

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