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These are the real stories from MagnaWave practitioners and users from around the world! Their wellness journey is why MagnaWave exists and the reason we want to help spread the power of PEMF.

"Bill has had motorcycle, snowboarding, and snowmobile accidents requiring surgeries, leaving him with chronic pain, and he injured his rotator cuff and tore a shoulder ligament just a couple months prior to getting our Julian. Sandra was in 9 motor vehicle accidents in her 20s and early 30s due mostly to driving under the influence of prescription opiates and anti anxiety and depression prescription medications all prescribed after the first..

Bill Garman
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"Alzheimer's. Over the moon happy with results. Pre-session: couldn't finish sentences, anti social, virtually no short term memory, disoriented, not been able to cook for over a year, not showering properly alone, drinking 4 or less oz. water a day and beginning to choke because of losing muscle and brain function to swallow. MagnaWaved twice/week for ten minutes on low on mat. First thing we noticed was she started drinking more water within th

By The Wave PEMF LLC
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""I love MagnaWave. I learned a lot during the MagnaWave practitioner certification. I also learned a lot during MagnaCon 2020. Both were educational and inspiring.

The MagnaWave sessions I've done on horses, dogs, and humans have been life changing. Seeing the instant pain relief and the over-all feel good I have witnessed after the sessions have inspired me to want to get more involved. I'm working on a horse who has been recently been..."

Wendy Olson
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I just spoke to a client who we used it on for the first time - 15-20 minutes for a show of what her horse might feel. She has been getting bodywork for years for maintenance because she works hard , injuries etc. and the “knot” in her right shoulder is just starting to show up... lightly! Her horse tracked like he has not tracked in a year at the walk! I have to video and write all this down. I literally have had my Semi 3 since July 16th and.."

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"Thank goodness for my MagnaWave! Today was #magnawaveme day; a migraine started as I was driving to the barn. It was gonna be a doozy: full-blown aura, queasy stomach, all last night’s fireworks replaying in my line of vision. Made it to my barn and MagnaWaved my feet for 10 minutes with the zoom paddle, used the medium loop on my head and neck for another 15, and I was ready to rejoin the human race. My migraines are rare but so much easier..."

Maureen Boyle
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"MagnaWave has/IS changing my life. I purchased the Semi 5 with intention of working the business and using it for personal use. Just in the short month and a half my schedule has been completely full! I have found I love helping people and animals and PEMF has given me an avenue to do so. Not to mention the relief it has given my Dad in the pain that he suffers from. Financially, it has been a huge blessing as well, especially in chaotic.."

Cheyenne Montgomery
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"I love my machine, it's very portable and easy to use. The results I've seen in the past month have been amazing."

Brandi Poland
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"After several years of research I finally purchased a MagnaWave and it has been an amazing tool in helping not only myself but my family and friends, 2 legged and 4 legged. So happy with my MagnaWave!"

Kristen Mizi
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