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These are the real stories from MagnaWave practitioners and users from around the world! Their wellness journey is why MagnaWave exists and the reason we want to help spread the power of PEMF.

"This might be a little gross, but for those of you that have not worked on Commercial Livestock, (We feed 5000 head of cattle) I have the "opportunity" to work on a lot of sick animals, This baby calf was actually a clients. and had a "dropped" ear. Usually do to Mycoplasma Pnuemonia which is tough to treat in the Veterinary World. I put the butterfly loop over the dropped ear on Medium for 10 minutes, There was no snot/discharge at all in.."

Becky Rus
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"Amazing before and after! We started his therapy March 5th, doing 3 sessions per week, then backing off to 2 session and now he is getting weekly sessions."

Rianne Juarez
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"A really good friend of mine is a dairy farmer. Messaged me to see if I had banamine on hand, obviously did (cause horses) but also told him about MagnaWave. So after work, I headed to his farm, with banamine and my MagnaWave(semi 5). This cow had been down, not eating, or drinking. We waited on banamine until after MagnaWave. 15 minutes into MagnaWave, the cow grabbed a handful of hay, she peeled up some. 25/30 minutes in she had grabbed 4 diff

Jessica Paquette
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"My machine save our cold baby calves last year. My dad thought he was a goner and was surprised to see him standing up in our house the next morning!"

Brittany B
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"This little guy had a very difficult birth. He had to be pulled. He couldn’t stand because his legs would buckle over, and his head and tongue were VERY swollen. He has been tube fed colostrum and several other tube feedings to keep his belly full and strength up. I MagnaWaved him and he kept pushing the side of his head with the swelling up to the coil and licking. He can now walk and stand for short periods and is starting to nurse on his own!

Tracy Hutchison Miller
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"This bull, Captain Obvious, hurt his pelvis leaving the chute. It was vet recommended that he take 6 months off to heal. We incorporated MagnaWave weekly into his rehab which helped beyond my expectations, after his 3rd treatment he jumped the pipe fence to visit the girls."

Farley N.
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