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These are the real stories from MagnaWave practitioners and users from around the world! Their wellness journey is why MagnaWave exists and the reason we want to help spread the power of PEMF.

"This particular horse -Dude- has had off and on lameness in his right front. Been to the vet, time off, injected, etc. He came in this past Friday for a full body session. We did his hooves on a much higher PEMF setting than normal. Serena wanted us to Laser his hoof as well, -Mr4ActivetPro laser- she said he felt better Saturday and Sunday she sent this photo..."

Next Level Equine Therapy
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"I love MagnaWave for everything it has done for my personal competition horse. Since adding routine PEMF to our routine, I have seen her flourish and really feel that we are on the top of our game. She recovers faster from hard workouts or long weekends of showing, which is huge. She also feels better and because she isn’t sore or hurting, she is able to use her body better which is giving us excellent report cards from the trainer..."

Pampered Pony-PEMF Therapy
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"Jake was the first one to use my MagnaWave machine. He would see the machine and immediately go get in his spot for a session. HE ABSOLUTELY LOVED his MagnaWave sessions and would take a 2 hr nap after each time.
Unfortunately, Jake passed away yesterday after complications from a surgery. Thank you MagnaWave for helping Jake with his hip dysplasia and severe arthritis!! He loved you."

Karen Ainsworth
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"Yesterday shrink mammary lump to 1/4 its size during a session and helped goat return to normal. My friends goat who had a broken leg that MagnaWave helped heal last year, got his head caught under a gate. He was about to give up when found late Sunday night. She has your own Semi 5 MagnaWave machine. I told her to MW the reset button and rest of the body while he was flat out. Monday morning he could stand, but would fall over..."

Sycamore Animal Hospital
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"This little guy had a very difficult birth. He had to be pulled. He couldn’t stand because his legs would buckle over, and his head and tongue were VERY swollen. He has been tube fed colostrum and several other tube feedings to keep his belly full and strength up. I MagnaWaved him and he kept pushing the side of his head with the swelling up to the coil and licking. He can now walk and stand for short periods and is starting to nurse on his own!

Tracy Hutchison Miller
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I received this wonderful update from Devin the Trainer of Stonebrook Farm this evening about how her horse is improving with PEMF Therapy but also how it's helped her put together a new training program with her horse Libby. ?

"I am so proud and impressed with Libby today and I have to thank you so much for everything you’ve helped us with!

A couple weeks ago I was feeling pretty defeated and didn’t have the happy horse I was used to riding..

Karen Witham
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"After trying the MagnaWave with Pet-Wave the first time a few weeks ago this dog’s mom noticed he was going up the stairs easier right away. He had his second PEMF session and Willie’s mom says “He is doing the big set of stairs great….he’s bouncing around for his treats after he goes outside. Anna, the adorable kitty in the photo is still doing very well on her maintenance schedule of treatment for her arthritis too!"

Fran Blank/Pet Wave
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“The best part about being a MagnaWave Certified practitioner is having the ability to help people with anything they may be suffering from. I have only been a certified practitioner for a few months but I have changed more lives than I thought could be possible."

Teresa Durheim
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“I love being a part of the MagnaWave family! I am glad I decided to get certified in all three areas as I have used all of them."

Misty Taylor
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"From the training to the staff, it’s comforting to know they are behind all of us. I’ve had so many great results, from my groups of horses, a friend with the range of motion in his knees, from 30% to 95%."

Mary Lotter Heath
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