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The Sessions I’ve Done Have Been Life Changing

Wendy Olson

“I love MagnaWave. I learned a lot during the MagnaWave practitioner certification. I also learned a lot during MagnaCon 2020. Both were educational and inspiring.

The MagnaWave sessions I’ve done on horses, dogs, and humans have been life changing. Seeing the instant pain relief and the over-all feel good I have witnessed after the sessions have inspired me to want to get more involved. I’m working on a horse who has been recently been diagnosed with Cushings and another horse who has been diagnosed with Ring Bone. The improvements with both horses since I have been using the MW on them have been life changing for them and the owners. The MW app is very helpful along with the practitioner portal and FB practitioner page are insightful.

I’m looking forward to the limitless opportunities with my MagnaWave PEMF MAXX. The range of the intensity levels have been very helpful. I wish the timer offered more than 10 minutes. Thank you so much for helping me improve the quality of life for humans and animals I’m working with.”

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