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Interactive Equine Bodywork

“Oh my gosh the changes I have been living out since I included this in the horses life and mine and my clients. I am loving all of the research I can watch and implement with everything I have learned and used over the years. I love and relate to Dr. Marty Goldstein’s stories! Dr. Amanda Myers is concise, easy to understand and relate to – I love her PEMF video explanation! Thank you to the founder – Pat Ziemer for never letting “no, thank you” stop your passion, to Alane Paulley – thank you for your passion- and to Shon and Michelle Roe who are my team connection there (along with everyone there!) thank you for being patient with me as I call or connect everyday somehow because I am so excited!!! I have been reaching for this addition to my life for the last eight to ten years! I am so excited about oxygenated blood cells and how it fits into all that I do. Thank you!”

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