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Serious Injuries Helped By MagnaWave

Michelle Pipke

“With some reservations I’m going to tell you a story about me and how my MagnaWave has helped me in the summer of 2019. My name is Michelle Pipke and I’m a certified MagnaWave practitioner in Saskatchewan, Canada. I’m also a competitive Cowboy Mounted Shooter, and that’s where the story starts.

At a competition in July I was in a riding accident. I finished my run and crossed the timeline and the fence was closer then what I thought and my horse (Bobby) was running faster than I thought! Well Bobby tried stopping and had a stumble and turned to the left and I kept going straight , right into the bucking chutes. My right hip and head hit the chutes.

My injuries were serious enough to take an ambulance ride. I had a large laceration to my forehead, side of my chine. I was in a C-collar until I was cleared. I also had a broken and dislocated forefinger on my left hand. I could not bare weight on my right leg.

As soon as I could I gave myself a MagnaWave session with the Maia. I was in a lot of discomfort so when I got home I gave myself 2 sessions a day. By the fourth day I was up and about visiting my horses. I was also experiencing vertigo. I would MagnaWave my head and neck for 20 minutes. By day 6 I was starting to feel like myself again but still had vertigo. On day 7 my stitches were removed and I had a doctor check up. The doctor was surprised on the stage of my bruises and that I was recovering fast. On day 8 I rode my horse for the first time since the accident! Although I was still having trouble with the vertigo so I continued to MagnaWave my head and neck twice daily for 20 minutes on a low setting. I was MagnaWaving my hip and back every other day on hgh for 10 minutes. On day 12 I was back to working on clients. On approximately day 15 I had no more vertigo.

I contribute my speedy recovery to the MagnaWave. I found relief from each session.”

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