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Reoccurring Pancreatitis

Barb Moore

“MagnaWave has completely changed my life. I suffered for years from debilitating pain due to reoccurring pancreatitis. The doctors tried everything and MagnaWave is the only thing that has really worked to help the pain. I am now able to work full time and consistently compete in rodeos. I have also seen amazing results with the horses that I have MagnaWaved. After just one session I have seen multiple horses go from running up the fence at the first barrel to making a smoking first barrel and some of the fastest runs of their career. I also had the opportunity to treat Kimmie Wall’s famous barrel horse Foxy this summer. Within a week after Foxy’s treatment she won a Rodeo and boosted up into the top 15 in the WPRA. Foxy is currently leading Pendleton and hopefully on her way to another trip to the NFR! I continue to be amazed each time I MagnaWave a new horse or person.”

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