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These are the real stories from MagnaWave practitioners and users from around the world! Their wellness journey is why MagnaWave exists and the reason we want to help spread the power of PEMF.

"Just wanted to share some amazing results on myself. We have the MagnaWave Vesta Duo machine and I have just recently had my second cervical fusion to my neck. First fusion was less than 2 years ago and it was at least 9 months before I felt like I was healing and able to get around and do things. finally after over a year was able to return to yoga and working out. I was recently involved in head on collision, woman crossed over 2 lanes..."

TJ Willis
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"He didn’t believe in the MagnaWave sessions, but after seeing how wonderful it is working with his horses, he is begging to use it to relieve sinus congestion. Guess who feels better too."

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"Another great appointment with Ashley Williams and her Sport Horse Wellness MagnaWave session!! I have amazing news to share… if there are any horse owners out there that are dealing with the dreaded sarcoids (skin cancer that presents as warts, more often seen in gray horses, that continue to grow out of control over time), this could potentially be the miracle cure. Today was my main- man show jumper, Corenn’s, 5th treatment in 6 weeks. . ."

Stephanie Veloff Histed
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"I was having problems with my cutting horse's hips tightening up and coming out all the time. She would then get sore in her hind quarters and it was time after time I was rebooking with a chiropractor. I had seen equine enthusiasts using PEMF and there was a MagnaWave practitioner coming traveling to my area. I figured I would give it a shot and have my horse treated to see if I noticed any difference. . ."

Cali Brandt
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"In 2003, I was involved in a catastrophe auto accident and it nearly took my life. I fractured close to every bone in my body with the exception of my spine. My neck was broken and hip where twisted and fracture in multiple areas. I was in the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA for almost a year. The physicians and there team never thought I would walk again but I have regain the ability to walk but for years I had to take so many pain pills . . ."

Blaine Burdette
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"After trying the MagnaWave with Pet-Wave the first time a few weeks ago this dog’s mom noticed he was going up the stairs easier right away. He had his second PEMF session and Willie’s mom says “He is doing the big set of stairs great….he’s bouncing around for his treats after he goes outside. Anna, the adorable kitty in the photo is still doing very well on her maintenance schedule of treatment for her arthritis too!"

Fran Blank/Pet Wave
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"I thought this treatment might work, but I had no idea how well it would work!!!! I have had back problems for years, chronic pain always and extreme pain when I am up doing things, the side of my back that was treated feels amazing!!! No little pain reminders or anything!!! I can't hardly believe it!!! Highly recommend Cathy @Triple M Therapy. If it makes me feel this good I can only imagine how it makes my horse feel!!"

Tabatha Doss
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