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These are the real stories from MagnaWave practitioners and users from around the world! Their wellness journey is why MagnaWave exists and the reason we want to help spread the power of PEMF.

"I bought my PEMF machine from another company and like I so often do, I did my research after. I had a few reasons for switching to MagnaWave. The training is very in depth, covers everything and is ongoing. The MW people that I have spoken with have gone out of their way to help me with questions and information before I had even decided to switch over. Pat would take my calls, emails or text messages and he didn’t have to. . ."

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“MagnaWave reduces healing time!" On Thursday, the client had surgery to rebuild her passageway and nostril and also straighten her nose… The top two pictures on the left are from Friday and Saturday after the surgery. MagnaWave was done on Sunday. The client only received one treatment due to travel and timing. The other two pictures are from Monday and Tuesday after the magna waving was done. Her doctor was impressed with how quickly . . ."

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"My daughters TB had a history of back soreness when we got her. After several years of chiropractic care and thin line pads in combinations, we discovered MagnaWave… As a thin-skinned and high maintenance mare, this was our lifesaver. Monthly sessions kept her pain free and working without needing chiropractic care on a regular basis. I now use it on my new horse, a rescue project with left side hip and stifle soreness . . ."

Sally Williams
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A 13 year old tri-sport athlete who was having debilitating knee pain that was attributed to over use. After 3 MagnaWave sessions he was able to run up and down the basketball court pain free and with confidence, followed by a season of baseball and soccer. While many would have been sidelined this competitive youngster was able to continue playing with no down time and hasn’t had any more pain after almost one year!

Lee S. Thornton, CMWP
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“My outer ankle got swollen and sore because of my high arches. I saw my family Dr. and my podiatrist, took 2 different Rx medications, completed several physical therapy sessions, applied ice for several days and wore a prescribed boot. After all of this I was about 10% improved. After 4 consecutive days of MagnaWave I am 90% better!!”

Jan B./Circular Wellness
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“After breaking my collarbone and dislocating my shoulder in a steeplechase fall I was left looking at eight weeks on the sidelines. That was until Madison Meyers and MagnaWave had me back riding within two weeks to win the Maryland hunt cup and 3 weeks later the Virginia gold cup.
MagnaWave not only sped up my recovery time but also helped heal my collarbone perfectly.”

Mark Beecher/Steeplechase Jockey
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These 2 – 3 day eventing horses Peri and Grady have MagnaWave PEMF sessions once every couple weeks before they go to a big event. The owner had noticed huge improvements in their movement after they have PEMF treatments. Both horses have had some lameness issues, but are feeling better thanks to MagnaWave PEMF.

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"Jozi  is a large draft X and  hunter jumper. We started MagnaWaving the day before a show because she seemed to get tired on the 2nd day of the show.  I went out and gave her a MagnaWave session Fri and Sat. Jozi and her human partner had an incredible show. I am now treating her owner."

Prime Equine
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