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These are the real stories from MagnaWave practitioners and users from around the world! Their wellness journey is why MagnaWave exists and the reason we want to help spread the power of PEMF.

"Slept an entire 7 hours last night for the 1st time in I don't remember. I wake up and roll over because my shoulders ache. Last night I decided to treat myself..10 minutes per side with the large loop, drank a big glass of water and I slept! Shoulders felt tired today but no aches and pains..."

Louis G
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"I would say the certification and continuing education really sold me on the company, but honestly it was the combination of everything MagnaWave has to offer - the wide range of made in the USA equipment, the competitive pricing, the warranty, the certification, the continuing education, the marketing/business development support, the family owned atmosphere of the company - I could go on and on."

Kate B
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"Yesterday shrink mammary lump to 1/4 its size during a session and helped goat return to normal. My friends goat who had a broken leg that MagnaWave helped heal last year, got his head caught under a gate. He was about to give up when found late Sunday night. She has your own Semi 5 MagnaWave machine. I told her to MW the reset button and rest of the body while he was flat out. Monday morning he could stand, but would fall over..."

Sycamore Animal Hospital
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"This little guy had a very difficult birth. He had to be pulled. He couldn’t stand because his legs would buckle over, and his head and tongue were VERY swollen. He has been tube fed colostrum and several other tube feedings to keep his belly full and strength up. I MagnaWaved him and he kept pushing the side of his head with the swelling up to the coil and licking. He can now walk and stand for short periods and is starting to nurse on his own!

Tracy Hutchison Miller
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I received this wonderful update from Devin the Trainer of Stonebrook Farm this evening about how her horse is improving with PEMF Therapy but also how it's helped her put together a new training program with her horse Libby. ?

"I am so proud and impressed with Libby today and I have to thank you so much for everything you’ve helped us with!

A couple weeks ago I was feeling pretty defeated and didn’t have the happy horse I was used to riding..

Karen Witham
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"Great experience, but above all VERY effective!
I was very curious and awaiting a result ..
I was not deceived! My herniated disc that was present every day has faded! 2 weeks before I was told about an operation! I will do other sessions in order (if possible) to eradicate this evil! I recommend!”

Vincent Pontillon
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"I'm less than two weeks into MagnaWave Sol ownership and four treatments to my mother for Alzheimer's. Over the moon happy with results...."

North Atlanta Magna Wave
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"Glaucoma is painless, and I am told that it cant be made better, but... I would like to prevent it from getting worse. MagnaWave is helping me do so. I love my Sol!"

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"For the last half a year or so the pain in my legs was excruciating. The MagnaWave relieved the pain so well I was ready to dance. My back, on which my practitioner worked as well, feels like the back of a 20 years old, fresh and healthy, with no pain at all..”

Konstantin Nemetz
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