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Over the Moon Happy with Results

By The Wave PEMF LLC

“Alzheimer’s. Over the moon happy with results. Pre-session: couldn’t finish sentences, anti social, virtually no short term memory, disoriented, not been able to cook for over a year, not showering properly alone, drinking 4 or less oz. water a day and beginning to choke because of losing muscle and brain function to swallow. MagnaWaved twice/week for ten minutes on low on mat. First thing we noticed was she started drinking more water within the first two days. She started making complete sentences. She didn’t trail off disappointed because words didn’t come. She went to church. After the third session, she baked cookies. When asked to go in the room and retrieve glasses, she did without forgetting what she was asked to do. She had an upset stomach after the second session The next day when asked if she was still sickly she said no, that was yesterday. She normally doesn’t remember what she did two hours or two days ago. She’s staying active all day. After the fourth session, she helped sort laundry and mate socks. She wanted to know where they went since she hadn’t been putting up clothes in the home they moved to next door to mine six months ago. She is no longer constipated and pain she had from scoliosis no longer bothers her. This is surreal for us. My mom is coming back.”

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