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Our Daughter is a Believer

Tracy Walker-Bush

“Our oldest daughter was in a car accident and she broke her ankle. Due to the amount of damage they put her in a metal fixator! After she came home from the hospital and she ran out of pain meds, she was in extreme pain and was unable to get in the car, for the hour drive to get more pain meds, she called us hysterical that she couldn’t get any relief! I told her it probably won’t happen in one day, but I would get her there if she stuck with me! 1st day pain relieves, slightly! 2nd day, better! 3rd day, it was tolerable and she was no longer desperate to get pain meds! By the end of the week she was getting in and out of car/walking on crutches comfortably! Though she did get pain meds after the fourth day I worked on her she never took one! She not only got out of the fixator a couple of weeks early and had them take it out in the office with no anesthesia, but back at work like a week after! The doctor said she was a quick healer… lol! Our daughter, however, is a believer!”

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