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Nothing Short of Awesome

Suzanne Haineault Currier

“The last few days have been just nothing short of awesome. I’ve been seeing a young lady-20 years old for neuropathy in her feet. When she was 11 she was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. It was discovered when she had a grand mal seizure and coded. They did surgery and then again 5 more times. Fast forward to this week. Mom is an RN who leans toward natural and functional med people.
We started with the neuropathy. She walked in like an 80 year old and bounced out grinning from ear to ear like a teenager.
She came back yesterday with a lot of pain all over I’m sure due to the storms coming in. As I helped her onto my table she told me about incontinence and how since 2014 she had worn depends. She said, “ it would be so wonderful to wear regular underwear. I would feel normal” My heart just went out to her. I had her sit on the mat and did 20 minutes. She went home with no pain. Lol this morning I got a call from her mother crying tears of joy. For the first time since 2014 she made it through the whole night with no leaking! She told her mother, “Mom, I think I gonna be a normal person”
We are far from done working. I’m using PEMF, oils, lights and other tools God is awesome. I’m sooo incredibly blessed to be involved with this wonderful company and seeing things like a young lady taking her life back. I know words won’t adequately describe the joy I saw today. Just had to share!”

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