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MagnaWave is Behind All of Us

Mary Lotter Heath

“I was introduced to MagnaWave by a client of mine, and after months of research, not only with MagnaWave and other companies. I’m so glad I chose this wonderful company. From the training to the staff, it’s comforting to know they are behind all of us. I’ve had so many great results, from my groups of horses, a friend with the range of motion in his knees, from 30% to 95%. He’s a happy man. But of all the great results, my favorite is for my own dog, Tanner, my hiking buddy, my protector, was slowing down, joint issues along with an enlarged liver. He’s was my first dog to treat. He went from wanting to just lay on his bed, to hiking miles with us again, and playing happily. Tanner passed away comfortably in his sleep in September, his last playful, drug-free days could not have happened without me making the choice to join the MagnaWave family.”

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