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MagnaWave Helped My Diabetic Dad

Rianne Juarez

“My dad who is diabetic, stubbed his toe. It turned black and hurt for a few days but then stopped hurting. A month later, it was still black and the skin was starting to die so he went to his foot doctor. The doctor removed some of the dead skin and gave him an antibiotic thinking there was some kind of infection. The toe was still alive but was slowly starting to die. First round of antibiotics didn’t help so my dad decided he was just going to cut the tie off. I told him to do therapy (MagnaWave) for a week and see if it helps so he did. He went back to the doctor for a check up and to talk about scheduling the toe removal surgery, but the doctor said his toe was healing and he wanted to give it another week. My dad continued therapy (MagnaWave) and 1 year later, he still has his toe, no pain, normal color. I mostly used the butterfly loops on his feet 10 minutes on high a couple times per week we worked his head, torso, and back to help with other pain issues he has.”

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