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MagnaWave Helped Her Healing Process

Kathy Caulfield

“My favorite success story is my friend Robin. She had a freak tractor accident last year where the bucket of the tractor rolled back on top of her while she was driving. Robin caught the bucket starting to roll and was able to throw herself between the seat and steering wheel. Robin’s injuries were C1 fractured in 3 places and 1 piece pinching the spinal cord, C6 & 7 fractured & C7 went up over C6. Ts 1-6 fractured, left scapula fractured, top couple of ribs and a punctured lung. These are the injuries that were the greatest concern. This happened the day before I headed to MagnaCon last year and being new to the MagnaWave team I was quite impressed when I approached Dr. Myers and asked how to fix my friend. Dr. Myers is such a welcoming, super nice and helpful person. I went home with a treatment plan for Robin and told her what the plan was (MagnaWave multiple times a day, everyday). Robin decided to do a full body treatment a week after the accident then once a week. By week 4 post accident & only 3 MagnaWave sessions her orthopedist for her scapula cleared her – all healed. By week 13 after her CT scan her neurologist was quite perplexed on how much bone growth she had and cleared her to take the C collar off and she had no restrictions! Along the way we helped her nerve damage pain, re-set her bladder (she wasn’t getting the urgent feel that she had to pee just made herself go every hour or so), along with the inflammation and muscle soreness. She had a lot of physical therapy and still gets her MagnaWave sessions but she is doing beautifully. She got back in the saddle around Christmas time. MagnaWave definitely helped her healing process and I am so happy that I was able to help her!”

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