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MagnaWave Can’t Be Beat!

“I bought my PEMF machine from another company and like I so often do, I did my research after. I had a few reasons for switching to MagnaWave. The training is very in depth, covers everything and is ongoing. The MW people that I have spoken with have gone out of their way to help me with questions and information before I had even decided to switch over. Pat would take my calls, emails or text messages and he didn’t have to. I had also spoken to a few practitioners and they were the same way- very helpful to someone they didn’t have to take their time to talk to. Everyone that I have dealt with has been very professional and very important to me their objective is always to help the horse/person and not to worry about “well you are not a MW person” so I can’t help you. And certainly the MagnaWave name is more well known, but that wasn’t what really did it for me. It was the way I was treated and the training. MagnaWave can’t be beat!!”

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