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It Is Truly Amazing

Katie Kuhn

“Where to begin. In just 6 short months of having my Pulse Pro the testimonies have seemed to be endless already! I mostly MagnaWave horses but I also do my family and a couple clients dogs as well. As far as horses, I’ve gotten to work on a very wide variety. I have navicular horses that stay sounder then ever, non sweaters now absorbing their supplements and actually sweating again, my founder pony no longer has to live in soft ride boots, my own personal horse in training is now catchable and less flinchy during brushing and saddling, my sensitive susy back sore horses are lasting longer and riding more consistently, and I have a group of clients that compete in a local saddle series who’s horses are entering the gates with less alley issues and firing harder then ever and they are placing higher then they ever thought they could, so we are also building horse and rider confidence. I’ve been able to rid my 70 year old uncles never ending back problem in two sessions. He was a skeptic and is now a believer, it helps my dads arthritic hands and both of his knees who have been replaced as well as I no longer suffer from weekly migraines which I have had for the last 15 years or more! One of the dogs I work on is an older golden retriever, he is the sweetest soul but lays around most of the time lacking energy. When I’m at the barn doing horses he always comes down from there house to see me and lays on the coils and patiently waits his turn. The owner says he jumps on the golf cart and runs around like a spring chicken when I leave and the other dog I do regularly is only 3 and he was hit by a car a year or so ago and is always sore in his back end and butt. He is limited to how he sits and to how he jumps but after my sessions with him he loads up into the back of his owners F250 truck no problem which is something he will never do. I could prob go on and on about all then clients and different testimonies I have run into as well as my personal ones! This machine has not only changed my life but everyone around me as well. It is truly amazing.”

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