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High School Baseball Player with Torn Meniscus Returns to Sports!

Amanda Kelso

“The high school baseball catcher, who had knee surgery to remove the Plica Band and a Meniscus Tear has officially been fully released by his Orthopedic Doctor as of 01/17/2020!!! Below are the details of his journey to healing!!

*Surgery Date: 12/19/2019: To remove the Plica Band and Meniscus Tear on his left knee!!

*Session #1 (12/22/2019): Immediately noticed less swelling, less tightness in his hamstring, flexibility in his foot and he was able to bear weight on it with the assistance of crutches.

*Session #2 (12/23/2019): We went ahead and did session number two the following day, since we all had family obligations for Christmas the next two days. After this session the swelling had decreased a significant amount, the calf and hamstring completely loose, and mobility was increased enough for Tanner to feel comfortable enough to try taking a few steps without his crutches.

*Session #3 (12/26/2019): After this session the swelling is almost completely gone and the knee looks to almost be back to normal size. Tanner informed me, that he is making faster progress with the recovery of this knee, than he had with his right knee the year before.

*Session #4 (12/29/2019): He had lots of swelling and tightness in the upper leg today. We were able to relieve all of this during the session. Tanner and his parents are really excited with the progress he is making this time around and excited to hear with the doctor has to say about his progress so far at his follow up.

*10 Day Post-Op Appointment (12/30/2019): Orthopedic Doctor said no more crutches and to continue with the Magna Wave PEMF Therapy. The doctor said Tanner’s knee looks great, but no running or jumping until all of the swelling is completely gone. The doctor also said that if all the swelling was gone before Tanners three week follow up, then to cancel the appointment and return to sports!!!!!!

*Session #5 (12/31/2019): Tanner was pretty excited with how his follow up went. After this session Tanner was able to walk more freely and said the knee felt really good!!

*Session# 6 (01/07/2020): Tanner walked in like normal without a limp. He is still having some trouble bending his knee and still has a little swelling above the knee. After this session Tanner was able to bend his knee easily and can almost squat into the position he needs to be behind the plate!!

*Follow Up Appointment (01/17/2020): The doctor gave Tanner a full release to return back to sports!!! The doctor advised holding off on Magna Wave PEMF sessions until baseball season starts back up. He wants Tanner to focus on building the strength in his knee back up on his own.

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