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Fortunately, I had my Maxx

Lee Doran Thornton

“So I have had numerous concussions over the years…(one where I was knocked unconscious when my horse left a stride out to an oxer and all I remember were rails flying and waking up holding the EMTs hand while on a medical flight to Boston Medical Center) In the last few months I sustained three, starting with my young TB tearing up and smacking the side of my face followed by getting bucked off of my 18 hand warmblood, not once but twice. The third one I knew my “bell had been rung” and fortunately had my Maxx already on so I could treat myself right away to reduce inflammation. I am seeing multiple specialists including a neurological chiropractor who specializes in brain recovery. I am so thankful to have my machine as I’m making progress quicker than the Dr. expected me to make, but realizing that there are a lot of riders such as myself who could benefit from PEMF to mediate even minor concussive episodes that are inevitable working around and riding horses.
I am using the small double loop and sure enough, when I treat the back and side of my head on low, the right side of my face reacts as it is the right hemisphere that was more affected by the accidents. The vestibular, ocular reflex was affected (this why a small buck sent me to the ground, not once but twice)-my body thought I was going left while my brain thought I was falling right. My chiro/neurologist explained that that is why older NFL players who have also suffered multiple concussions start to have the shakes which can be interpreted as Parkinson’s disease. I am maintaining my work schedule and wearing my VOXX socks that I bought at Magnacon last year as well as treating myself with MagnaWave and doing brain/eye training exercises. When I’m recovered I hope to let people know about MagnaWave as an important piece of gaining a complete, optimal recovery.”

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