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Drug Free Pain Relief

Bill Garman

“Bill has had motorcycle, snowboarding, and snowmobile accidents requiring surgeries, leaving him with chronic pain, and he injured his rotator cuff and tore a shoulder ligament just a couple months prior to getting our Julian. Sandra was in 9 motor vehicle accidents in her 20s and early 30s due mostly to driving under the influence of prescription opiates and anti anxiety and depression prescription medications all prescribed after the first MVA. Deciding to end dependence of all meds, Sandra began searching for alternative pain relieving methods. Getting off all meds and through nutrition and fitness, lost 50 lbs and found some pain relief through reduced inflammation and yoga. But the chronic pain from broken bones and old whip lash continued to nag and I found myself in the chiropractor 4 times monthly and facing steroid injections in my ankle. My ankle hardly gives me any problems now ( I run, so I could choose not to and not have any issues) I no longer see a chiropractor, the MagnaWave combined with yoga and now adding the LZR on my ankle, across the top of my shoulders and down my neck has been life changing! I’ve been drug free a long time, but now I’m practically pain free too!!! Bill has also nearly completely rehabbed his shoulder, restoring 95% range of motion with no pain in 4 months with MW and is reducing the amount of scar tissue in his back from his old accidents… Adding the LZR, he’s quickly regrowing hair also… we’re enjoying aging with ease, improved cellular health and DRUG FREE PAIN RELIEF FEELS SO GOOD WE WANT EVERYONE TO EXPERIENCE WHAT WE HAVE FOUND!”

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