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Dream To Be A Practitioner But Also A Mom

Natalie Mook

“Being a part of the MagnaWave community has been a great experience so far! Right from the start, I knew MW was going to be for me. My reasons why I became a MagnaWave practitioner are to help others, people and animals, feel their very best and to support and be able to be involved in my son’s life. I teach full-time but I know once he gets a little older, I will want a job I’m both passionate about and have the ability to pick him from school or go on a field trip, etc. As a new mom I knew I wasn’t going to be able to make the hands-on training work right away, so I am SO appreciative of the online certification. Between naps and dad baby duty, I was able to finish both certifications and review more material so I would feel prepared to use my machine. The certification was easy, yet educational and prepared me well to start treating and talking about MagnaWave to my local community. The customer service and online practitioner community has also been extremely helpful in figuring out protocols and successful ways to utilize MagnaWave! I plan on completing hands-on training in the near future and can’t wait to meet everyone in person. Thanks MagnaWave for helping me see my dream of being a practitioner but also still being to be a mom!”

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