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Kate B

“I researched multiple companies and ultimately went with MagnaWave for a multitude of reasons. Research, continuing education, practitioner support, and equipment quality/warranty were extremely important to me. You’ll find brand loyalty is very strong in general. This is my “why” from another discussion –

My experience – I’m an Occupational Therapist, and I’ve been going through a lengthy recovery from a terrible knee injury in 2017. I had 2 surgeries in late 2017 and early 2018, the second of which was essentially experimental where the surgeon combined 3 major procedures into one and replaced cartilage on two lesions that line up in the joint – something that hadn’t been done before as far as we could find. Because of all this, I had not been able to return to work as an OT and I was desperately looking for something, anything that I could do that would still satisfy my clinical brain and use at least some of my skills and knowledge, but that would also let me work without as much physical stress on my healing body.

I actually found another company first through Instagram/Facebook sponsored ads that kept popping up on my feed. As I started my research on the technology (as an OT evidence based research is VERY important to me), I came across MagnaWave. Where I’d struggled to find detailed information from the other company regarding research, how it works, specifications for the equipment, what kind of education and training they provided, information on how to grow a business using the technology, ALL of that and more was available to me right on the MagnaWave website. Nothing was hidden or required me to sign up to obtain, right down to pricing. When I did reach out to MagnaWave, I was blown away at the level of customer service for someone who was just looking for information – I hadn’t even committed to purchase and yet the rep provided me with everything I could’ve needed to make my decision. I would say the certification and continuing education really sold me on the company, but honestly it was the combination of everything MagnaWave has to offer – the wide range of made in the USA equipment, the competitive pricing, the warranty, the certification, the continuing education, the marketing/business development support, the family owned atmosphere of the company – I could go on and on. I’ve felt from day 1 that everyone at MagnaWave truly wants to see every one of their practitioners succeed in whatever their goals may be. None of the other companies I contacted bothered to follow up after the initial contact. If they don’t take the time to contact you when you’re asking about purchasing a machine, I can’t imagine what the response would be if I had a problem with my equipment or even just a question!

As if all that weren’t enough, I received my machine after having completed the 48.6 mile Dopey Challenge at Disney World, and I’d been in pain, swollen, and limping horribly for about 2 weeks. In just 2 treatments with my Pulse Pro, my swelling went down by 80% and my limp was completely gone. Any doubts I may have had about the efficacy of this technology and MagnaWave machines went out the window after that. My business is slowly but steadily growing and I’m able to work without the excessive strain on my body that I had with my regular job. I’m so glad I chose MagnaWave, and so happy to be part of such an amazing team of practitioners! 💙”

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