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Amazing Results on Myself

TJ Willis

“Just wanted to share some amazing results on myself. We have the MagnaWave Vesta Duo machine and I have just recently had my second cervical fusion to my neck. First fusion was less than 2 years ago and it was at least 9 months before I felt like I was healing and able to get around and do things. finally after over a year was able to return to yoga and working out. I was recently involved in head on collision, woman crossed over 2 lanes and went through center divider and struck my SUV head on. Approximately 75 mph rate of speed combined between our vehicles. The collision ruptured my C6 C7 which was area below prior fusion. The fusion was done, had complications in post op recovery and due to severe bleeding my airway collapsed and they had to take me back and do another surgery and reopen the site. With all that said my area of surgical incision has now been opened 3 times. The first surgery was over 9 months to a year before my incision looked as well as it does now less than 4 weeks post op! I am so impressed with the therapy and healing the magna wave has done.”

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