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A More Balanced Rider

Cindy Davis

“I have had so much success with MagnaWave that I have to let you know how much it has helped. I had my first treatment the end of February and felt so much improvement, on that first night I slept all the way through the night and even slept on my bad shoulder without waking up from pain!  I also had my horse done and saw a huge improvement in his movement and disposition.  I have been using the machine on me every couple of days or so, on my shoulder and hip and it has made a huge difference in my mobility and pain.  I feel I am a much better rider and my body is so much more effective, symmetrical and I am able to use my hips so freely now.  I also feel better in general being able to do things and feeling better when doing them is uplifting in itself, but I just feel better.

I used MagnaWave on my horse once a week for a month and now every couple of weeks, and he is a totally different horse.  He is soft and comfortable and so much happier under saddle and just being lounged.  My vet/chiro worked on him a couple of weeks ago and said he could feel a huge difference in his body and muscles, he didn’t have the hard spasms that he has had sense I bought him almost 5 years ago, he adjusted him so much easier and got better adjustments.  He even had me use MagnaWave on him and he was very interested in this therapy.  I am still working on a couple of tight spots on my horse’s body..and mine, but MagnaWave has been a huge part of helping us get back to feeling normal and comfortable again.

Thank you!”

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