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He Can’t Believe the Difference

Helen Thornton

“Yesterday I treated my first Parkinson’s patient.

Well, everyone is crying
This is today’s update from the client:

“Helen… my brother has just phoned me. He is looking after dad tonight. He can’t believe the difference in dad. Getting stuck every 2/3 steps, turning around or negotiating door thresholds, my dads legs would get stuck. He said it felt like someone nailed his feet to the floor…. he hasn’t got stuck at all today!!!!! His stamina when walking is low because the 2/3 step shuffle has been all he could do for about 2 years now, then it could take anywhere between 5-30 seconds for him to get “unstuck”. Nightmare!! Now, he stops after 7/8 steps but from muscle fatigue, then sets off again with a big grin on his face!!!! Dad said his head feels “clearer” somehow. I can’t tell you how happy its made me feel. I’m so looking forward to seeing him tomorrow!!!”

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