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These are the real stories from MagnaWave practitioners and users from around the world! Their wellness journey is why MagnaWave exists and the reason we want to help spread the power of PEMF.

"Check out this pretty boy Sabi has been fighting his second round of Cankers. After surgery in April, Sabi came here to help heal. Shorty after surgery we began MagnaWave sessions to help bring blood flow to the area, promote healing, speed up recovery time, reduce the risk of infection and help his body fight the battle against Cankers. Although Sabi’s recovery has been rocky at times, between his amazing vet, the MagnaWave, the LZR..."

Emma Holden with EH Health and Wellness, LLC
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"Trooper here, was rescued from the paradise Fire. He had SEVERE founder/ laminitis. He LOVED his session!"

CRS Therapy MagnaWave
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"Bill has had motorcycle, snowboarding, and snowmobile accidents requiring surgeries, leaving him with chronic pain, and he injured his rotator cuff and tore a shoulder ligament just a couple months prior to getting our Julian. Sandra was in 9 motor vehicle accidents in her 20s and early 30s due mostly to driving under the influence of prescription opiates and anti anxiety and depression prescription medications all prescribed after the first..

Bill Garman
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"MagnaWave to the Rescue! Rosie (the 32 year old shetland pony with only 4 front teeth) came along with her buddies today, for company, Owner said she is so sweet, goes to the nursing homes, lets the kids play with her, since she doesn't move much, Owner led her into the barn with me kind of pushing, her legs are pretty arthritic. and I gave her "the whole wellness treatment and a few Spot Treatments", I have never seen such an appreciative..."

Becky Rus
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"Had a scare this morning when one of our horses, Bree, started displaying signs of colic. This is a mare we've had since birth, and was the first foal born on our farm, so she's very much a part of the family. Those in the horse world know how quickly colic can turn from bad to worse, many horses die from it, and we lost a horse to it several years ago sadly.

Thankfully, Rachael Bates our farrier was out at the time, and was very helpful..."

Tressie Wickstrom
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"After a horrible motorcycle wreck this guy is responding extremely well to his MagnaWave PEMF sessions. The scar at the top is where the bone was protruding out of his leg the day of the accident. We are doing one session a week and have done four sessions so far. The swelling, scar tissue, and scares are considerably reduced compared to when we started. He still has a long road ahead of him, but he is making great progress so far!! I am honored

Competitive Edge PEMF
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"We used it on a show pig that hurt it’s leg before the show! Great results."

Sarah McKay
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"Alzheimer's. Over the moon happy with results. Pre-session: couldn't finish sentences, anti social, virtually no short term memory, disoriented, not been able to cook for over a year, not showering properly alone, drinking 4 or less oz. water a day and beginning to choke because of losing muscle and brain function to swallow. MagnaWaved twice/week for ten minutes on low on mat. First thing we noticed was she started drinking more water within th

By The Wave PEMF LLC
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"I am seeing some fantastic responses from the horses and dogs. I like that they literally move themselves to where they would like me to work on them and that they are so relaxed with this machine. It’s fantastic to see a response like that from them."

Nature Is Fine Art Photography
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