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These are the real stories from MagnaWave practitioners and users from around the world! Their wellness journey is why MagnaWave exists and the reason we want to help spread the power of PEMF.

I got bucked off my colt Monday 11/9. Landed on my right side. Made sure nothing was broke, no blood 😂 so I got back on and schooled a bit more so he didn’t get any bright ideas for the future.
After I got off I used my Semi 3 on medium with the XL wings for 30 minutes on my upper and lower body.
Felt like crap the next morning but Magnawave again for 1 hour in the am and 1 hour in the pm.
Kept that regiment up all week and today 11/14..."

Amanda Hawkins
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"I MagnaWave’d a dog today that I used to pet sit. I haven’t seen him since December due to a new baby in the family & Mom taking time off work & then Covid. He’s aged a lot since then and has been struggling a lot with arthritis pain to the point where he sometimes struggles to get up & he doesn’t really play anymore. I did a 25 minute session on him early this afternoon. I just heard from his owner. When they took him out to potty a little..."

Aimee T
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"This is McStuffins, a 4 year old potbellied pig. 6 days ago, his owner found him unable to use his hind end at all. I have been doing 1/2 hour sessions on him for 4 days in a row, today, he was able to take 5 steps unassisted and stood on his own for 15 seconds. This is huge coming from where he started. We aren’t done yet, but I’m so happy to be seeing progress ❤️ #magnawavelove"

Karlie Sicard
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"I came in the house and could not find Codie went to the magna wave room and there she is sleeping on the energy mat apparently she was trying to tell me she needed a session so I turned it on and she is snoring away."

Becky Rus
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"I saw this boy today. A 4 year old stud came from auction severely emaciated and a tipped pelvis and loose stifles. I did 25 minutes as low as it could go. Topline, poll, and hind end.
After his session he went out into the field and layed in the grass.
This is the first time he has laid in the field since she got him 2 weeks ago. ❤ pemf

Alisha Michelle Mckinnon-Johnson
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"Magnawave offers a great variety of quality machines. They also offer an outstanding certification training, as well as ongoing support and maintenance. Integrity and honestly are centrepoint in their business practice."

L. Lindy
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"Fantastic customer service and they offer super products & training. Couldn't be happier with my experience buying my machine and would certainly recommend! #magnawavelove

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When discussing the purchase of a MagnaWave device, my Cleveland Clinic neurologist stated PEMF is FDA approved for migraines and I should use it as much as possible. My headaches are 99% better now and I’m not sure how I survived before. Animals don’t experience placebo effect so their reactions are truly amazing..."

Heart 4Healing LLC
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"We have seen remarkable results with people, horses, small animals and livestock with MagnaWave PEMF machines! We currently have 4 machines between our home and business. Lives have been changed for the better!"

Ashley Watson
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"MagnaWave has changed my life, I was taking many painkillers to make it through the day with terrible knees, putting off surgery as they weren’t convinced it would help much and just miserable. Since I bought my machine, I haven’t taken any pain meds. I could rant and rave all day about my amazing experiences with MagnaWave, or you could join the team and find out for yourself!! ❤️❤️"

Darcie Jones
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