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These are the real stories from MagnaWave practitioners and users from around the world! Their wellness journey is why MagnaWave exists and the reason we want to help spread the power of PEMF.

"I love MagnaWave because I know that animals don’t lie and they truly feel better after treatments. It has been incredible to witness the mini miracles and transformations of the animals I have been blessed to help.

Miss Marley has finished week 8 of 12 for her ACL tear. When she went in for her check up with the vet, she got a good report and they were impressed with how well she was doing and getting around!!! Marley is always excited to..."

Pampered Pony-PEMF Therapy
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"This particular horse -Dude- has had off and on lameness in his right front. Been to the vet, time off, injected, etc. He came in this past Friday for a full body session. We did his hooves on a much higher PEMF setting than normal. Serena wanted us to Laser his hoof as well, -Mr4ActivetPro laser- she said he felt better Saturday and Sunday she sent this photo..."

Next Level Equine Therapy
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"I've been treating my 87 year old moms neuropathy weekly since late December. She realized today, it's not bothering her anymore. Same with her essential tremors, which were quite bad in her hands. Working on my dads broken ribs now. So happy I bought this machine!!"

Jodi Monarch
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"I love MagnaWave for everything it has done for my personal competition horse. Since adding routine PEMF to our routine, I have seen her flourish and really feel that we are on the top of our game. She recovers faster from hard workouts or long weekends of showing, which is huge. She also feels better and because she isn’t sore or hurting, she is able to use her body better which is giving us excellent report cards from the trainer..."

Pampered Pony-PEMF Therapy
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"Jake was the first one to use my MagnaWave machine. He would see the machine and immediately go get in his spot for a session. HE ABSOLUTELY LOVED his MagnaWave sessions and would take a 2 hr nap after each time.
Unfortunately, Jake passed away yesterday after complications from a surgery. Thank you MagnaWave for helping Jake with his hip dysplasia and severe arthritis!! He loved you."

Karen Ainsworth
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"I use my MagnaWave machine on myself on a regular basis. I don't know how I ever lived without it. I get so much relief from so many different things. Lately it has been sore muscles that I have been abusing."

Just Kountry Therapy
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"First time treating a horse with a large laceration. The owner called me to see if I could help since she was not able to afford a vet. We started MW the first night she discovered the wound, which was about a day old. We MW 3x the first week - full body 1st day then spot treatment the other 2. After the 1st week we treated 2x a week - spot treating with an occasional full body treatment in between.

Owner is VERY pleased with the results!!!!!"

Kelly L
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"35 yrs I was in a serious horse accident. Pitched upside down and landed on my head and back of neck onto a rock. Obviously rung my bell! Never went to the Dr. but I was super sick for about a week. I have arthritis in my neck and irritated nerves quite often now and I shake so much all the fine work I used to love to do has become frustrating so I quit. Recently my shoulder pain has been leaving me with sleeping issues so I started treating..."

Lois G
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"I have fibroids in my chest and after a month of treating my bladder I noticed the fibroids were totally gone. I wasn't even treating everyday! I was treating once a week every so often, and about the month mark of getting my machine I noticed they were gone."

"Another success for MagnaWave!"

Brionna Palmer
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