Report Missing or Stolen PEMF Machines

Missing/Stolen PEMF Machines

Missing/Stolen Magna Wave Machines

Several Magna Wave machines that were rented or leased to third parties by Magna Wave have not been purchased but also have not been returned to Magna Wave as required by the terms of the applicable lease agreements and are, for this reason, overdue, missing, or stolen. Magna Wave is the sole owner of the machines listed below, and the continued use or possession of these machines by anyone other than Magna Wave is unauthorized. Magna Wave is offering a reward of $1,000 for the return of such machines or for information leading to their return to Magna Wave. If you have any information regarding the location or possession of any of the below machines, please fill out the relevant information in the fields below. Thank you, the Magna Wave Team.

John Golitz – Lifepulse
Samantha Chody – Lifepulse
Machine Serial #12052

Matt Carlton or Matthew – Ohio USA
Machine – Serial #12063

Tina Cole and Ed Collins – Equawave New Jersey USA
Machine Serial #11061

Richard & Renee Layton
Machine – Serial #12602

Sarah Mitchell
Linda Snyder

Machine – Serial #12132

Brianne Sherman
Machine – Serial #12598

Janos Szaraz – Alberta, Cananda
Machine – Serial #12760

Val Bexon – SK, Cananda
Maxx Machine – Serial #12730

Rilla Brock – Bowie, TX
Semi Machine – Serial #80335

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