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Erin Hughes

Clinic and Certification Support

Erin grew up in the heart of horse country in Kentucky and began riding and competing from a very young age. During college, she chose to enter the allied healthcare field with a degree in radiologic technology and soon after relocated to San Antonio, TX. While living and working in Texas she decided to reenter the equine industry with the intension of making it her career.
“I enrolled in several equine bodywork courses with Debranne Patillo of Equinology in California to expand my knowledge and understanding of equine anatomy and biomechanics. What I gained from those courses personally and professionally changed my life and began my journey to MagnaWave.”
While massaging horses she was introduced to a MagnaWave device and incorporated it into growing business. After purchasing a machine, she was able to achieve incredible progress with the horses she was working with, which made her business grow even faster.
Now Erin is has moved back to Kentucky and has been sharing her knowledge and experience of MagnaWave with the growing community and practitioners all around the globe.
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