PEMF In Athletic Performance

Magna Wave is a proud sponsor of our local Louisville City Soccer Club!

Magna Wave PEMF machines are used by local athletes to improve their performance!

Visit their site for more information on upcoming games!

For all athletes, muscles in peak condition improve performance and are not as susceptible to injury. Because of the basic functions that PEMF signals have on the body, it is understandable that Magna Wave PEMF helps muscles work harder, longer and recover faster. This allows for improved training with less pain and injury, which leads to better performance and a potentially longer career.

Magna Wave PEMF provides many benefits for athletes when used before and after physical activity.

  • Magna Wave PEMF stimulates the process of energy production in the muscle and can significantly help cells increase energy.
  • Magna Wave PEMF stimulates the production of heat shock proteins, which helps prevent cellular breakdown during muscle stress situations.
  • Magna Wave magnetic fields aid in the oxygenation of the blood, which serves to improve performance and endurance.
  • Magna Wave PEMF improves blood flow and cell membrane permeability, which helps tissues get the nutrition and oxygen they need while aiding in detoxification.
  • Magna Wave PEMF helps in getting toxins and lactic acid out of the cells, which aids to reduce soreness, muscle spasms, cramping and the breakdown of tissues after exercise.
  • Magna Wave PEMF penetrates tissues deeply without risk to the superficial tissues. the use of PEMF reduces inflammation caused by muscle stress leading to faster recovery and a return to activity, competition or training.

All athletes can benefit from Magna Wave PEMF treatments for injury prevention, faster recovery and for overall health maintenance. Our performance mission at Magna Wave PEMF is to help athletes be healthier, stronger and to perform better.

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