Vibration Oasis Mat


Vibration Oasis Mat


Relax, Recalibrate, Rejuvenate

The Vibration Oasis Mat – Recline to your favorite position and “Feel The Music” throughout your body. Studies show that reclining into the zero-gravity position takes stress off of the low back and heart and provides relaxation. The Vibration Oasis Mat utilizes Binaural beats and isochronic tones designed to cause a deep sense of relaxation for the enhancement of the bodies healing channels also known as “The Relaxation Effect”. You can add PEMF independently, which is enhanced by the tactile vibration that is caused by the music stimulating specialized vibration generators built within the mat to take the musical signals and convert them to “Kinetic Energy.” You literally feel the music you are listening to. The Power of MagnaWave is enhanced with this powerful brain relaxation, which could change the mind and body all at the same time. The mat fits on a Paong Chair, Massage Table, or the included Zero Gravity Chair. The lounger and mat fold up very small, perfect for shows, people on the go, or with limited office space.

Zero Gravity Chair is included.

Vibration Oasis Mat does NOT plug into PEMF devices, and can be used in conjunction with any MagnaWave device.

Practitioner discount not applicable.

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  • Enhancement of Overall Mood
  • Reduction of Generalized Anxiety
  • Non-invasive Brain Stimulation
  • Sensation of Complete Relaxation/Peacefulness
  • Full and Peaceful Night’s Sleep
  • Relief from Aching/Twitching Muscles
  • Mental Clarity
  • A Feeling of Being Recharged
  • State of Induced Relaxation
  • Heightened State of Mental Awareness
  • Increased Mobility
  • Increased Creativity


  • Vibration Oasis Mat
  • Zero Gravity Chair
  • Amplifier
  • Headphones and all cords to attach the electronics