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Magna Wave Semi


Magna Wave Semi

Digital powered, 30% lower Gauss output than the Maia. Short or long treatment times. Low, medium and high settings. High Voltage – Low Frequency. Available for one-month rentals. Financing also available.

Cases to choose from:

  • Office
  • Traveler

Included Attachments:

  • Magna Wave Large Loop
  • Magna Wave Butterfly Loop
  • MagEnergy Pad
  • Carry all bag


Rental & Purchase Info

Machine Info

Semi – The SEMI is a PEMF machine for everyone, available in two cases, the office case and the traveler case. The Semi also includes three attachments: a Large Loop, Butterfly Loop, and MagEnergy Pad as well as a carry-all bag that can fit all the attachments and the Semi PEMF machine for $6,950. Online PEMF training can be added. The Semi is a digital unit and is virtually maintenance free and the intensity settings will remain consistent because there is no spark chamber that can vary with use. The Semi is perfect for the majority of treatments where maximum output is not necessary. Because of the price difference, the Semi PEMF unit is also great for the client to take home or multiple treatment stations at one time. Perfect for international travel! This smart device can be used with 110-volt or 220-volt power sources. No transformer needed as the technology allows the machine to read the power source and adapt, no matter the outlet.

Digital powered, half the power of the Maia, short or long treatment times. The Semi has low, medium and high settings. The low setting is set for optimal healing and maintenance, the high setting is set for optimal relief of inflammation. High Voltage – Low Frequency.

Included Attachments

Magna Wave Butterfly Loop

Magna Wave Large Loop

Magna Wave MagEnergy PEMF Body Mat

The Semi Comes In 2 Cases


The Office case is made to be used at a home or office, and can easily sit on a table or desk. This machine is sleek and clean looking, and is great for those who will be working in one place most of the time.

Semi Office Dimensions

11″ W x 7″ D x 3″ H
27,95 cm W x 17.78cm D x 7.65cm H
Weight: 4.4lbs – 2.0 KG
Warranty: 3 yr Parts & Labor – Magna Wave extended warranty optional
120 to 230 VAC, 50 to 60Hz


PEMF Therapy is the Best Atrial Fibrillation Treatment & Best Treatment for Blood Viscosity

The Traveler Case is like a briefcase in that it has a handle and a snap shut enclosure. This case is great for anyone who wants a smaller size machine for use at home or work, but can also easily snap shut and go!

Semi Traveler Dimensions

12.5″ W x 10.25″ D x 6″ H
31,75 cm W x 26.04cm Dx 15.24cm H
Weight: 5.8lbs – 2.63 KG
Warranty: 3 yr Parts & Labor – Magna Wave extended warranty optional
120 to 230 VAC, 50 to 60Hz

When I purchased my Magna Wave Semi, it was intended to treat horses as part of my equine massage business and it has worked great, horses and their owners love it! The most surprising part was that as I went along treating horses, I found that the wrist pain that I’ve been dealing with for close to 20 years following a riding accident started to bother me less and less. After a couple of months, it’s pretty much disappeared and I no longer need to wear a brace when I’m working. I’m pretty amazed to see that much improvement in an old injury.