Magna Wave Maxx


Magna Wave Maxx

Highest power PEMF has a Spark chamber.All- terrain or Office tabletop unit for home or medical office use. Short treatment times. High Voltage – Low Frequency. Try Before You Buy with the 3-month rental. 100% of rental cost is deducted from the Purchase Price. Financing available.

2 Cases to choose from:

  • All-terrain
  • Office

Included Attachments:

  • Magna Wave Butterfly Loop
  • Magna Wave Large Loop

Rental & Purchase Info

Machine Info

The Magna Wave MAXX is  our most powerful PEMF machine, using the attachment splitter you can run two attachments at once. Horse lovers prefer this machine but it can be used on small animals and humans too. The Maxx PEMF machine has adjustable strength to treat sensitive areas as well as hoofs, and bones.  When you purchase our MAXX PEMF unit you get a 3 year warranty on the machine itself and  the Magna Wave deductible extended warranty for a total of 7 years.

The MAXX unit new is $21,000 and comes with 2 coil attachments: Butterfly Loop and Large Loop. Additional Coils are available at an extra cost.

The Maxx can be rented for three months for $2,550 with 100% of the rental fee being deducted from the purchase price of the machine. There is no limit to how much you can use the machine while renting and certification can be added to the rental as well.

This machine is safety and quality tested and features the latest technology. With 15 years of results the Maxx PEMF machine is the Quality and Performance leader

Magna Wave Maxx Output Specifications

VOLTAGES: 120 vac 2amp • 240 vac 1amp. 50 to 60Hz. TESLA: maximum 1.75T per pulse. Faster clicking is lower Gauss/Tesla, Slower clicking is higher Gauss/Tesla. Non-radio frequency device that does not operate at or emit standard radio frequencies. Frequency is viewed as (MSPS) Magnetic Signals Per Second of the emitted magnetic field. Devices are tested by an independent laboratory to meet FDA safety standards. Manufactured in a FDA approved and inspected medical manufacturing facility. Manufacturer is ISO Certified, ISO 13485:2003

The MAXX Comes In 2 Cases


The Office case is made to be used at a home or office, and can easily sit on a table or desk. This machine is sleek and clean looking, and is great for those who will be working in one place most of the time.


This case is made for traveling. It has an adjustable handle at the top and wheels that can easily maneuver through any barn or show. Machine weight is 50 lbs without coils and 65 lbs with coils.

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