1347_image_1084Magna-Wave-PEMF_MW-Product-Images_1017_5000x5000_Zoom&Boxmagna-wave-butterfly-wings-1000×1000magna-wave-butterfly-loop-1000×1000magna-wave-large-loop-1000×1000Magna Wave – Maxx Attachment Splitter
Magna Wave Semi Equine Bundle

$11,225.00 $7,975.00

Magna Wave Semi Equine Bundle

Digital powered, 30% lower Gauss output than the Maia. Short or long treatment times. Low, medium and high settings. High Voltage – Low Frequency. Semi Equine Bundle includes the Semi Traveler Case, 4 attachments, and 1 certification.

Included Attachments:

  • Large Loop
  • Butterfly Loop
  • Zoom Hoof Bundle
  • XL Wave Wings
  • 1 Certification

Purchase Info


Great bundle deal to start your equine PEMF Machine treatments. This bundle includes The Traveler Semi – a $6,950.00 value, The XL Wave Wings – a $1,025.00 value, The Large Loop – a $575.00 value, Butterfly Loop – a $725.00 value, Zoom Hoof Bundle – a $950.00 value, and 1 certification – a $1,000.00 value. If purchased separately your total purchase would be $11,225.00, but with this bundle, the price is $7,975.00.

Perfect for international travel! This smart device can be used with 110-volt or 220-volt power sources. No transformer needed as the technology allows the machine to read the power source and adapt, no matter the outlet.


VOLTAGES: 120 to 230 VAC, 50 to 60 HZ

Included Attachments

Extra Large Wave Wings

Large Loop

Butterfly Loop

Zoom Hoof Bundle