Magna Wave Pulse Pro


Magna Wave Pulse Pro™

The Magna Wave Pulse Pro™ is an analog machine that produces the same intensity, pulse rate, and waveform as units many times its price. Built for easy transportation at an affordable price. This is a great machine for those who are starting a business or have used larger machines and would like a similar at-home unit. Lightweight and easy to use, the Pulse Pro™ is the only machine with a fully adjustable timer, set it and forget it, from 3 to 90 minutes the machine keeps running.

2 bundle options to choose from:

Pulse Pro Starter Bundle: $12,750

  • 2 Attachments included: Magna Wave Butterfly Loop and Magna Wave Large Loop
  • 1 certification

Pulse Pro Business Bundle $15,750 *financing available

  • 4 attachments included: Magna Wave Butterfly Loop, Magna Wave Large Loop, Magna Wave XL Equine Wings, Magna Wave Zoom Paddle with Zoom Box
  • Magna Wave Attachment Splitter included (allows for use of 2 attachments at once).
  • 2 certifications

Rental & Purchase Info

  • Analog Machine. (Spark Chamber)
  • High Voltage – Low Frequency.
  • Short treatment times. Great for people, horses, and pets.
  • 2-plug machine with a variable timer.
  • 3-year full warranty and 7-year extended warranty at no additional cost.
  • 30-day money back guarantee less a restocking fee.
  • Online and hands-on training included with your purchase.
  • Comes with 1 or 2 certifications.

Pulse Pro Specifications
Voltages: 120 vac. 2 to 50Hz
23′′ W x 16′′ D x 8′′ H (27,95 cm W x 17.78 cm D x 7.65 cm H)
Weight: 23 lbs (10.43 kg)
Custom configuration for international use

  • Superior Price to Performance Value
  • Simple Operation
  • Patent Pending T-Connection
  • Multiple Attachments and Treatment Options

Included Attachments with $15,750 Bundle

Magna Wave Butterfly Loop

Magna Wave Large Loop

Magna Wave Zoom Bundle

Magna Wave Equine Wings

Where to begin? In just 6 short months of having my Pulse Pro the testimonies have seemed to be endless already! I mostly Magna wave horses but I also do my family and a couple clients dogs as well. I’ve been able to rid my 70-year-old uncle’s never-ending back problem in two treatments. It helps my dad’s arthritic hands and both of his knees which have been replaced. I no longer suffer from weekly migraines which I have had for the last 15 years or more! One of the dogs I work on is an older golden retriever who lays around most of the time, lacking energy. When I’m in the barn doing horses he always comes down from the house to see me and lays on the coils and patiently waits his turn. The owner says he jumps on the golf cart and runs around like a spring chicken when I leave. I could probably go on and on about all the clients and different testimonies I have run into as well as my personal ones! This machine has not only changed my life but everyone around me as well. It is truly amazing.

Pulse Pro
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