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Subtle Energy Sessions

The MagnaWave B2 is the easy-to-use at home, or on the go Low Power PEMF device that aids in sleep and energy. Operating at nearly 15x the power its closest competitor, the B2 has two complete yet separate devices inside. One of the devices delivers the primary frequency and the other delivers a sweep of frequencies providing up to 8 separate settings. The B2 allows you to customize your daily sessions to meet specific needs.

The B2 features brainwave entrainment in conjunction with low-intensity PEMF. The MagnaWave B2 emits brainwave frequencies that influence the brain such as Delta frequencies for enhanced and deep sleep and transcendental meditation, Theta frequencies for deep relaxation and enhanced creativity, Alpha frequencies for light meditation and visualization, Beta frequencies for a state of alertness, focus and concentration, or Gamma frequencies for increased brain activity and insights.