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MagnaWaving Cattle

When fall comes around, a majority of people look forward to the cooler weather and seasonal coffee drinks. Not for cattle farmers! The biggest sales and shows are just right around the corner, time to make sure the cows put their best hoof forward!

MagnaWave uses the latest Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology to help your heifers, steers, and bulls perform their best! With stimulation down to the cellular level, MagnaWave can help relieve inflammation and pain in the body. MagnaWave can be used pre and post event to help maintain relaxation and comfort in cattle. Focus on their topline to help with a relaxed gait or work on other areas of indications to promote overall wellness.

Prepping Your Cows with MagnaWave

In preparing the cows for the sale, they need to be in optimal condition to show off their genetics and appearance to attract potential buyers. The majority of cows in a sale consist of calves, yearlings, heifers, and steers. These are referred to as ‘prospects’ to be used in future shows or production. The goal is to have a cow with the best genotypes (genetics) and phenotypes (outlook) to use for future generations.

Many of the sales and shows are in different locations and there is stressed placed on the animal with constant travel. MagnaWave can help relieve stress and tension in the body my sending a pulsed electromagnetic field to re-energize the cells. Using MagnaWave can help relax and comfort cattle before and after an event to help with transportation and performance.

MagnaWave to Improve Soundness

Movement, muscling, soundness, and disposition are all different aspects judged upon when evaluating cattle. MagnaWave uses PEMF to increase the blood circulation in the body from head to tail. The increased circulation and oxygenation can benefit all the muscles and root out any areas of pain and inflammation that may hinder the natural gait. A relaxed, swinging walk is sought after to show soundness in the gait.

When entering a show or sale, there are multiple stimuli and stressors in the environment. Disposition is another important characteristic when judging and handling cattle. With a change in the environment and atmosphere, even the most docile cow can have a temperament change. You can use MagnaWave for pre-event relaxation and post-event recovery to keep an even temperament throughout the show or sale.

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