WaViking | Magna Wave PEMF
  • June 10, 2019



Suzanne and Lisa are sisters, moms of 3 girls each and multiple animals to include dogs, cats, chickens, goats and of course, horses. They have a strong connection to their Scandinavian heritage, hence the name WaViking! In fact, Lisa lives on the Scandinavian ancestor's original farm in Northern Minnesota where she teaches early childhood education at a local preschool center. Suzanne is based in Minneapolis, MN, a former Army helicopter pilot, disabled veteran and spends her free time with retired thoroughbred racehorse named "Captain." Their Magna Wave business is based on their belief that we all deserve a life free of pain! Suzanne was introduced to Magna Wave PEMF to find a solution for her debilitating chronic pain that left her home bound and often bedridden. Magna Wave changed her life! She now has energy, less inflammation and joint pain and is free of pain medications. Magna Wave PEMF has also helped their horses heal more quickly, prevent injury and perform better. They are excited to share PEMF with the Midwest community to help others live pain free.


Suzanne Wheeler

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