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  • March 8, 2019

Ultra’s MagnaWave

Ultra’s MagnaWave

Steve Smith has invested his entire adult career toward the health and welfare of horses.  Steve has been a farrier for the last 40 years and has traveled across the United States as a farrier helping owners and trainers assure that their horse has appropriate foot care for the job they are asked to perform.  He also breeds and trains Morgan Horses, so he is aware first hand of the obstacles that need to be addressed.  About 15 years ago, Steve trained under Daniel Kamen to learn more about spinal structure of the horse.  In the Spring of 2018, Steve was introduced to Magna Wave – PEMF therapy.  It did not take long before Steve was on board with this impressive therapy option.  Steve is now able to provide a more holistic approach to the whole horse, literally head to toe!  Annette is an RN and has worked for Neurosurgeons for almost 20 years.  She knows first hand the chronic pain that people suffer from spine issues.  Again, after witnessing the result of this therapy in her own mother,  93 years young, but riddled with arthritis, Annette never looked back.  Together, Steve and Annette have experience with horses, people and small animals and are anxious to share their results.


Steve & Annette Smith

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