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  • September 14, 2017

Two Sisters Magna Wave Therapy

Two Sisters Magna Wave Therapy

Two Sisters Magna Wave Therapy is just that. We are Twin sisters born and raised in San Diego, who grew up riding horses. Kris currently has a small training program in Del Mar Ca teaching kids and taking students to Hunter/Jumper Shows. Kelly has become one of the top Breeders of Australian Shepherd Dogs in the USA, and is also a conformation Judge.  Our passion for horses took us in different directions in our adult lives. Kelly was the Western Sister, and myself (Kris) went the Hunter/Jumper route. We both developed a strong background in the Horse Care and Training Industry. Having both lived in various other States in the country through out our lives we saw and were involved in many different aspects of horses. Barn Management, Nutrition, Feed Representative, Homeopathic Care for both Horse and Small Animals, Breeding, Colt Starting, Natural horsemanship, Western Pleasure, Driving, Saddle Seat, Jumpers, working with Miniature Horses on up to driving Draft Horse Hitches! You name it we have most likely done it! Kelly additionally worked with Exotic animals for several years. Being Twins we strived to be the best. Always competing with each other we both developed strong ethics, integrity, and were raised to have good values. That is what has brought us to Magna Wave Therapy. We realized we could come together and offer the best care and a quality of business sense that we look for in the horse and small animal services offered, but often do not receive. We both believe in alternative therapy and believe Magna Wave Therapy is the future to helping horses, dogs and all animals get on the road to healing and recovery. We hope you will give Two Sisters Magna Wave Therapy a chance to heal your horse, dog, or maybe perhaps other animals to feel better and even YOU! Magna Wave has already helped us both with our joints and muscles that have been overworked over the years! We believe in Magna Wave PEMF Therapy and think you will too!


Kelly Sweeney

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