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  • January 23, 2018

Three Peaks Equine LLC

Three Peaks Equine LLC

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Hurtado. I have been a professional horse trainer in the Hunter/Jumper/Equitation world for over 12 years now. After using a friend's PEMF machine, I was totally convinced of it's ability to help heal horses in a non-invasive way. I was sure my mare of 17 years was going to need to retire soon given her arthritis. Using the Magna Wave on her 2-3 times a week has completely changed her! She is moving like she was four again. She absolutely loves her treatments. I have never seen a horse yawn so much. Naturally, this led me to buy a machine myself and become certified to use it so I could provide this benefit to her and others. It warms my heart to know that I can give back to her, given all the hard work she has done to teach others to ride. I hope to help others in a similar way.


Elizabeth Hurtado

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