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  • June 9, 2016

The Essential Touch, LLC

The Essential Touch, LLC

We have been involved in the Harness Racing industry for over 40 years, training, racing and driving standardbred race horses.

When we saw the difference PEMF therapy made in our horses in just one treatment we knew we had to share this amazing therapy with others.

Why?  Our equine athletes use a lot of energy training, racing and competing in their discipline and shipping from place to place.  This also can be stressful for them. All of this can cause a decline in performance and muscle soreness.

Magna Wave helps restore balance to the cells, releasing toxins and allowing more oxygen to flow therefore repairing and rejuvenating the cells and relieving soreness. And it is non invasive!!

(Serving DE, MD, PA, NJ)


Maria Ringler


I have got to share. My gelding just had a second magna wave session (three weeks apart) the first session was scheduled because there were some suspected back soreness. Within two days he was floating at the trot and doing flying lead changes in the pasture. During his first session he was very reactive to the pulse. At the end of the session he was very relaxed and after about 10 minutes he did the most fantastic whole body stretch. 

Robin Travis

Thumper is doing great!!! He's been able to get up and down and I believe that a huge part of him getting better so quickly is from Magna Wave treatments. Last summer he was receiving treatments which helped the arthritis in his knees to the point that he wasn't painful or uncomfortable any longer and now treatments are helping the soft tissue injury to his stifle. I'm usually a skeptical person, but last year I decided to try it to see if it would provide some relief to my boys and I have seen the incredible results Magna Wave has had on both Thumper and Magic!!!Maria Santone Ringler with The Essential Touch knows what she's doing... she's amazing!!!

Lin Kahmer

Hi Maria, just wanted to touch base with you. You used Magna Wave at Robinette Travis barn Monday night. I've had significant improvement in my neck and back since Monday, I now am starting to feel some of the old pain come back. My foot(plantar fasciitis) is still at about 90 percent improvement! I can't believe it! Looking forward to talking with you if and when you have time. . Magna Wave is way better than tramadol!

Wendy King


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