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  • January 13, 2017

San Diego PEMF

San Diego PEMF

SDPEMF is now offering Magna Wave PEMF Therapy Services in the San Diego area! Whether you have a show horse, race horse, pleasure horse or a rehab horse - Magna Wave PEMF Therapy WILL help! We do farm calls, horse show appointments, or you can travel to us.

Amy Drinco, owner of SDPEMF and a certified Magna Wave Practitioner, is a long time horse industry professional and also has a degree in Biology. "When I first was introduced to Magna Wave, I was impressed by the changes that I saw in my horses after treatment. When I researched the SCIENCE behind pulsed electromagnetic therapy I was frankly blown away! After understanding how PEMF therapy works and seeing the conditions it ccould treat in horses, humans and small animals I had to have one!"

After incorporating into her own training program she has seen tremendous improvement in her horses AND her human clients! She has also success treating a few horses with conditions that were not responding to traditional therapies, leaving the owners frustrated and ready to give up. We believe that it is one the best form of therapy available! Great for prevention, wonderful for recovery, and it can spee


Amy Drinco

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